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Energy conservation is one of the main advantages of the infrared heater "PION", and is a very important feature. Heater "PION" converts 90% of the consumed electric energy in the thermal energy, and only 10% of the electric energy is consumed for the warming of the heaters’ frame. This fact allows declaring the high coefficient of efficiency of the infrared heaters “PION”. The electric energy consumption of the heaters “PION” is on average 30-35% less than the electric energy consumption of the electric converters (oil heaters, electric wall heaters, etc).  

Fire safety of the heaters “PION” is regulated entirely by a relatively low temperature of the radiating element. The working temperature of the heater’s surface does not exceed 260 C, considering the fact that the paper smouldering temperature is 340 C. Thus, the range of the heated areas includes wooden houses and cottages sector, confirmed by the long working experience of the infrared heaters in this market segment.

Ergonomics - the infrared heaters “PION” are designed for installation on the ceiling, thus not occupying the valuable space, and remain inapproachable for children and pets.



Ecological safety of the heaters “PION” is determined by the natural spectrum of the infrared radiation. Thanks to this quality, the heaters “PION” create a special comfort in the room. They do not burn oxygen, do not make the air dry and heat the room evenly.


Electrical devices with IP54 protection are sufficiently protected and can be used both in normal conditions and under conditions of high humidity.